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How it all came about...


Sometimes life weaves together relationships in a seemingly random way. My experiences have led me in many different directions over the years, but I've always been of the mindset that those experiences will all come back together in meaningful ways.  The Baxter Project is the culmination of those experiences.  Through my connections with people, my love of wild places and my affinity for making images, I've created a business that brings outdoor brands together with the organizations that work to protect the earth. The goal is to generate authentic and meaningful content to raise awareness for threatened places on the map.  We need nature and it's in our DNA to be outside.  

My name is Brian Threlkeld, and I'm an adventurer and photographer based in the big, beautiful town of Portland, Maine. I grew up in Minnesota, road-tripped for 10's of thousands of miles, ended up in Alaska for college, and settled here on the coast of Maine just over 10 years ago. Adventure is out my front door, whether I hop on my bike to meet my friends for a day of sailing, pack up a kayak for an overnight island trip, or drive a short distance to many of the great trails in the White Mountains of western Maine and New Hampshire. 

I love to travel, create images and share my stories with whoever is willing to listen. After 8 years as a public school teacher, the need to do something bigger than myself is ever present. I hope to continue my work making a difference in this world while I'm here to enjoy it. May you do the same.